Initial Interviews

With a proposed problem statement in mind, my next step was interviewing men. I purposely select 6 different men – variety of occupations, ages, and personalities. Below are some of the key insights that I found.

  1. Hard to define personal style

  2. Play it safe with colors and patterns

  3. Dislike shopping

  4. Need reassurance

  5. Buy for necessity, not desire

After all of those interviews, two deciding factors seemed apparent: event and outfit. A man's tie was decided by what they were doing and what they were wearing.


Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis.png

Design Shifts

Paper prototype testing emphasized that users need an “escape hatch” – a workaround when they don’t want to input an event or outfit.  Also, users don’t necessarily correlate a wedding with a navy suit. Users need a way to sort simply and then, add details back in if need be.


The Escape Hatch

Key Screens14.png

Simplified Filters

Key Screens15.png