Tara Laferrara

User Experience. Website Design.

With a brand developed by Ashlynn Dawes Haynes and photography by Teddy Sirotek, I created a website that fit with her "sassy, sarcastic" attitude.

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When I can sit with a client directly, I find that I collect better information. Before even starting on low-fi concepts, I met with Tara and Ashlynn. The voice of the website would be strong, confident, and community-focused. I knew that this project was going to need multiple phases. Together, we decided on the top pages that would be needed for launch and other pages, like a fitness program portal, that would wait until another phase. 

Design Shifts

Landing Page

Originally, the client wanted a static landing page with a single image. Upon discussion with Tara and potential users, we decided to shift and create a landing page that housed links to content. This allowed for Tara to highlight content in a hero depending on what she wanted to promote.

Design Changes2.png

Website Builder constraints

When designing the initial concepts for Tara's website, I didn't realize the constraints of Squarespace. For example, without hard coding, there isn't much flexibility in adding backgrounds to copy blocks. We tried various workarounds, but in the end decided to eliminate columns and go with alternating banners to break up content.